Disney Cruise Modifies Multiple Disney Dream Itineraries for Early Summer 2024

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Disney Cruise line is alerting passengers to changes in the itineraries of some Mediterranean cruises. The cruises affected are sailing through Particular Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA), and ships passing through these areas have been asked to reduce their speed to help prevent collisions with whales and other cetaceans.

The International Maritime Organization

(IMO) has designated certain areas in the North-West Mediterranean Sea as a Particular Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA) and is recommending ships reduce their speeds while traversing the PSSA to reduce the risk of collisions with whales and other cetaceans. The recommended speed restriction applies to the area located along the coastlines of France, Italy, Monaco, and Spain.

While the Disney Dream is sailing in the PSSA, the ship will reduce its speed to comply with the IMO’s recommendation and help protect the local whale population. Due to the ship’s reduced speed, it will be necessary to modify your sailing’s itinerary.

Disney Dream Particular Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA)
Particular Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA)

The cruises affected by this change are May 18, 2024, May 25, 2024, June 24, 2024, July 12, 2024, July 17, 2024, and July 24, 2024. Some passengers have reported that they are receiving $250 of onboard credit per cabin to compensate for the change in itinerary. Have you been affected by the changes? Are you happy with the compensation?

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