Fresh New Baby Blanket Designs

New Designs

There are new styles available from Snug-A-Bug Blankets. I have a couple new Animal Cracker blankets, one in very girly pink. I have also brought back Bringing Home Daisy in a spring yellow. I have a couple of new prints: a kitchsy animal print in blue and pink, a couple retro floral prints—one in green […]

February 24, 2007

Sock Monkeys are Back!

New Designs

The sock monkey material has arrived and the sock monkey blankets are available, just in time for Christmas. You can get them at my Etsy store, or if you don’t see one listed contact me directly and I can get one out to you.

November 23, 2006

Etsy V2

New Designs

Etsy is back up and running with a whole new look. They have changed some of the interface to make it easier for the buyer. It is still running a little slow as they work out the bugs. You can visit the Snugabug Blankets shop and see the new etsy. I have a number of […]

November 17, 2006

Newest Snug-A-Bug Blankets

New Designs

The newest Snug-A-Bug blankets designs include one new design and two redesigns. Up, Up and Away, is a blue minky plush blanket with a vintage balloon print backing the minky. It is a completely new design that may appeal more to the boys. Chocolate Blocks is made from a medium weight cotton green block print […]

October 19, 2006

Animal Crackers

New Designs

A fun print of hippo’s, tigers, and turtles backs the newest Snug-A-Bug minky blanket. This cotton print has been before on a blanket, but not with the orange minky. I was busy over the Thanksgiving weekend, (Canadian), making some new blankets. Animal Crackers will be available in blue minky. There are some new styles and […]

October 12, 2006

Boys! Are We There Yet?

New Designs

I received my new material late last week and Are We There Yet? is the first new design. You may have seen this print before in pink but the new one is in blue. Backed with blue minky this blanket should satisfy those who found early designs to be to girly. The print is a […]

September 27, 2006