Georgia’s First Sign Revisted

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Georgia was almost 1 year old when we started to teach her sign language to communicate early. She was quick to pick up the sign for “more”. Since that time, she has learned a number of new signs including “milk”, “eat”, “change” and “dog”. She seems to go through spells where she uses her signs […]

February 15, 2007

Charlie The Pug of Love


It has been a while since I have posted to the blog. It has been a sad couple of weeks around our house. One of our pugs, Charlie, became sick and died suddenly on 26th of October. He was nearly 11 years old, and Jay and I have had Charlie almost the whole time we […]

November 8, 2006

Georgia’s Favourite Books


Georgia loves books. She has board books, lift-flap books, push and pull tab books, but her favourite books are animal books. I stumbled across a series of books by Roger Priddy they are fantastic books. They are bright and colourful with great pictures. The first one I bought was First 100 Animals (First Words). She […]

October 5, 2006