My 4 Best eBay Buys–Part 2—Baby Items—The Baby Bjorn, Boppy, and Crib Duvet

Parenting, Shopping, Technology and Tools / Sunday, September 24th, 2006

If you missed Part 1 you can read it here.

My next 3 best eBay buys are all baby items, a Boppy, Baby Bjorn, and a crib duvet.

The Boppy is a must have for any Mother who plans on breastfeeding. Unfortunately they are not easy to find in Canada. Ebay has a large number of Boppies for sale and many of them are new. I bought my first one for $12USD, lower than retail. I bought a second Boppy so I could have one upstairs and another downstairs. The second was also a great price at $9.

If you are looking for a baby carrier, especially a Baby Bjorn, I would definitely recommend checking out a used one on eBay. Baby Bjorns retail for more than $99CAD. I bought mine for $9.99USD. I must admit that it was an amazing price, most Baby Bjorn on eBay sell for about $35-$45USD, still much cheaper than in the store.

If you are looking for one I would recommend buying a newer model. They have the blue and red coloured clasps, and adjustable straps at the head rest. I would stay away from the snap models, they are more difficult to move a sleeping baby without waking them from the carrier to a crib.

The fourth best buy was a down duvet for Georgia’s crib. I found a shop on eBay that sells very nice quality down crib duvet. They have a number of different sizes and qualities. I bought a medium level duvet for $38USD, a very good deal.

As you see I have found a number of great buys on eBay and it is one of the first places I look for deals. What are your best eBay buys.

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