Dining at Disneyworld Part Four: California Grill

We had eaten at the California Grill last September and enjoyed our meal, but it was not my favourite this time it was my number one. I originally had California booked later in the week but because we added the dessert party I moved it to different night and was happy to get a reservation just before 6PM. Last year I had hoped to get a window seat overlooking Magic Kingdom. I was disappointed when we walked pass all the window seats and were seated in a quiet room in the back. As it turned out the wine room was a wonderful place to sit. Very quite and peaceful compared to the rest of restaurant, and it has a beautiful view of Bay Lake. This time when we arrived to check in we requested to sit in the wine room and happily our request was granted.

Here are a couple pictures of the view.

I had a bottle of Evain and Jay had San Pellegrino, and Georgia had apple juice to drink.

For starters I had so sushi. It was a crab roll with thinly sliced beef on the outside. I believe it was called Oscar roll. It was delicious I would highly recommend it.

Jay had Crispy Asian Rock Shrimp Salad, it was also very good and he enjoyed it thoroughly.

Georgia didn’t like any of her picks for an appetizer and our waiter asked if she would like some fruit. I expected a plate with some strawberries and pineapple, but he brought out this which she devoured. It was also very cute.

For our entrees I had the Salmon with Spring Pea Risotto, I seemed to eat a lot of salmon and fish on this trip. This dish was divine, the salmon was cooked perfectly and risotto complimented the salmon.

Jay had a pork dish. I believe it came with goat cheese polenta and beets in a wine reduction. It also was very tasty and he enjoyed it very much.

Georgia had the whole wheat cheese pizza that she enjoyed. It was fire grilled.

Both Jay and I had a glass of wine that complemented the entrees nicely.

For dessert I had Bananas and Caramel. You will also notice that many of my deserts are some form of bananas and caramel a perfect combination in my opinion.

Jay had Florida “Strawberry Shortcake, also very good. I was impressed with the liitle white chocolate cup that ice cream in it.

Georgia had the dessert sushi which she loved. It is very cute. It came with a marshmallow wasabi, I don’t think we had a chance to photograph it, rice crispy and gummy rolls, gummy fish, ginger which I believe was a taffy, and chocolate sauce to dip. It looks like something you could easily make at home.

It was a fantastic meal. I absolutely recommend California Grill.

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