After our nap and showers we were ready to see London. The best way to acclimate to the new time zone is the get out and go for a walk. So that is what we did and walked along the Southbank of the Thames


First stop The Borough Market to get some food. Be aware of the opening hours if you are planning on visiting the market. Most of the stalls at the market close by 5:00 pm except on Fridays it is 6:00 pm, and closed on Mondays. When we arrived most stalls were closed, and we ended up eating at a Fish! takeaway. The fish was very fresh tasting, priced reasonably, and I would recommend it for a quick meal.

Fish and Chips
Fish! Takeaway Borough Market London


From there we took the Tube from London Bridge to Westminster. Our plan was to going on a London Walks tour. However, while waiting our daughter was getting restless and wanted to head back to the room. As a compromise, we decided to walk back to the hotel along the Thames. It was a good decision. We were able to take our time and enjoy the sights along the way.

Sunset on the Thames
Westminster Bridge at Sunset on the Thames River

We started our walk along the Thames by crossing Westminster Bridge. The sun was low in the sky and we were able to get some great pictures of the Palace of Westminster. Sadly Elizabeth Tower is wrapped in scaffolding while the tower is being renovated. Big Ben located in the tower will not ring again until 2021.

Crossing the Thames
Westminster Bridge London crossing the Thames

The lion is on the Southbank of the Westminster bridge and was cast in 1837 by William Frederick Woodington. It has stood at on the bridge in its current position in 1966. It original stood at a brewery and spent some time at Waterloo station before arriving at its current home.

The weather while we were in London was hot, especially for September. We only had one night with a little bit of rain. The temperature ranged from 17C – 22C, (63F – 72F), the whole time we were there. It was not what we expected.

Along the Thames

London Eye on the Thames
The London Eye on the Thames

The London Eye is a sight to see. We didn’t go on it both my husband and daughter are not fans of heights. Also in my opinion it is very pricey. Make sure you check the operation times if you want to ride it., it seemed like every time we went by it it wasn’t running.

River Thames walk
Winchester Palace London
Winchester Palace London

If you have the time I highly recommend the walk. It was a great way to soak up London and it helped with the jet lag. Once we got back to the room we headed to bed. We booked the Walk on Walk off tours with Walks and had plans to visit the British Museum the next day to see the Rosetta stone.

Check back to see our time at the Borough Market and the British Museum.

If you missed the first entry of this trip report, you can find it here.

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