Update: Canada to Drop Pre-Entry Covid Testing

DCL News and Discounts, Disney Cruise, Disney News / Wednesday, March 16th, 2022

According to reports from the CBC, the government of Canada will be dropping the pre-arrival Covid testing.

The federal government is expected to announce as soon as tomorrow that travellers entering Canada will no longer have to take a pre-arrival COVID-19 test, CBC News has learned.

Sources with knowledge of the matter confirm Canada is removing the testing requirements at airports and land border crossings.

Currently, travellers entering the country must show proof of a negative antigen or molecular test within a day of their flight or arrival at the border.

That testing requirement will be dropped by the end of the month, the sources said. 


Disney Cruise Line sent an email out earlier today regarding the pre-arrival testing before entering Canada. There is no indication if this will affect the end of cruise testing. Canada released the new protocols for cruise ships last week.

The official announcement is expected tomorrow.

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