Doing Laundry on a Disney Cruise

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Doing laundry on vacation can be a necessary evil. Your alternatives are to pack extra or re-wear dirty clothes. At least Disney makes it easier with self-serve laundry rooms available on each ship. We stopped by the launderette on the first day of our cruise on the Wonder and snapped these pictures.

Laundry Room Locations on the Disney Magic and Wonder Laundry on a Disney Cruise
Laundry Room Locations on the Disney Magic and Wonder
Kiosk Laundry on a Disney Cruise
Kiosk Laundry on a Disney Cruise

How do I pay?

Each launderette has a kiosk where you can buy electronic tokens that can be used for the washer, dryer or to buy detergent and softener. Tokens for wash and dry are $3.00 each. Detergent and softener are $1.00 per token The detergent is Tide and the softener is Snuggle.

The tokens are attached to your Key to the World Card. When purchasing, you have the option of letting others in your cabin access the tokens for use. To purchase the tokens, you just tap your Key to the World Card, select the tokens you wish to purchase and confirm the purchase.

The price must have gone up recently. On our previous cruise on the Magic, in August it was $2.00 per token. You can bring detergent from home to save a little money.

The kiosk in each launderette also has a scrolling display that lets you know the status of each of the other launderettes on the ship and how many washers and dryers are in use. This is super helpful. If you go to your nearest launderette and it is full, you can see which one, if any is not and head there.

Another tip, bring a pop-up hamper it will make it easier to keep all your dirty clothes in one spot and easy to carry to and from the launderette.

Cost of Washer and Dryer Laundry on a Disney Cruise
Cost of Washer and Dryer
Washer and Dryers on a Disney Cruise
Washer and Dryers Laundry on a Disney Cruise
Soap Dispenser on a Disney Cruise
Soap Dispenser

Where’s the Iron?

As well as washer and dryers you will find an iron in the launderette. For safety, the only irons for guests on the ship are in these rooms and are on a timer. You can imagine this is a popular spot before dinner especially on formal night. We discovered on this past cruise that the first day is the best time to do your ironing. My husband rushed back here after we took these pictures and ironed all his shirts and a couple of my dresses.

Iron Laundry on a Disney Cruise
Iron Timer Laundry on a Disney Cruise
Iron Timer Laundry on a Disney Cruise

Where are the Launderettes?

You will find three launderettes on deck 2, 6, and 7 of the Magic and Wonder. There are seven launderettes on the Dream and Fantasy located on decks 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.


The launderettes are fairly busy. On sea days, formal nights and poor-weather days, they can be going non-stop. One of the biggest pet peeves on the cruise boards are people who leave their laundry unattended in a machine that has finished its cycle. In fact, as we were passing the launderette I overheard a couple discussing if they should move the clothes out of a finished dryer.

It’s good etiquette to return to your clothes to move or remove them when the cycle is up. To assist in this, you will receive a text message on the Disney Cruise App and a call/message on your wave phone when your laundry is finished. I usually set a timer so I am back a few minutes before the cycle ends since the app can be unreliable or slow.

I hope this helps your cruise planning. If you enjoyed this post check out one of my trip reports or stateroom reviews.

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