Video: Another Secret Porthole Room Cabin Tour, 6006 on the Disney Magic

Disney Cruise Secret Porthole Room 6006

Disney Cruise Lines like other cruise lines have a number of special rooms that offer a perk for the same cost as another room in the same category. One of the best-known rooms on the Disney Magic and Wonder are the Secret Porthole Rooms.

These cabins were initially sold as regular porthole rooms but had a significant blockage of the view. Enough passengers complained that they paid for a view and didn’t get one that Disney reclassified the rooms as an inside room. The rooms included 5020, 5022, 5024, 5520, 5522, and 5524 on the Magic and the Wonder. A few years ago Disney added 2 new cabins to the list 6006 and 6506 on the Magic and the Wonder to that list.

The staterooms 6006 and 6506 has cleaning equipment in front of the window while the Magic or Wonder are sailing. You have a clear view when in port and the equipment is being used. You do need to be careful to keep your curtains closed or you may have an audience.

We were lucky enough to get the secret porthole room 6006 after the paid in full for our eastbound transatlantic cruise. We have stayed in room 5520 before and have been happy with the secret porthole rooms. Their location is great as is their price. Cabin 6006 is much further forward than the secret porthole rooms on deck 5. I did notice the motion more than on previous cruises. Otherwise, the room was great and would recommend it if you can get it.

Please check out our cabin tour of 5520. I am also working on our a trip report from our London and Westbound Transatlantic cruise on the Disney Magic. You can find the first instalment here.

If you haven’t watched our video of our room tour of 5520 here it is.

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