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Disney Cruise Line has updated the Castaway Club area on their website. Guests will be happy to learn that their cruise history is available again. Disney did a big update on their website in early 2022. After the upgrade, Castaway Club members could no longer see the list of their previous cruises.

You can now log into your Castaway Club account and see your complete list of previous voyages, including room numbers!

Disney Cruise Castaway Club Previous Cruise List
Disney Cruise Castaway Club Previous Cruise List

Also new in the upgrade is that your folio from your last cruise is now available to download for 90 days after you disembark. I think that is fantastic. There is always so much happening on the last day it is easy to forget to download your folio.

Disney also updated the site so Guests can now link their Castaway Club ID to their online Disney Account after their cruise.

We continue to introduce new functionalities that improve the user experience and provide more flexibility across our destinations. We’re excited to introduce two new online functionalities that are now available for Castaway Club members:

Download Folios Post-Cruise

Beginning today, Castaway Club members may now download a copy of their folio following their cruise. Folios will be available approximately 24 hours after the cruise via the ‘My Cruises’ section on the Castaway Club page and can be downloaded for up to 90 days. Please note that guests may only download the folio for their own stateroom.

Linking a Castaway Club ID to a Disney Account Post-Cruise

Guests will also have the ability to link their Castaway Club ID to their online Disney account profile following their cruise. Simply select “Link your account” under “Unlock Exclusive Member Benefits” on the Castaway Club landing page. Guests looking to link their accounts can do so by entering either their Castaway Club ID or the reservation number for their Disney cruise. The guest details, including name and birthdate, on their Disney account profile must match the information on the their Castaway Club profile or reservation in order to successfully link their accounts.

I am happy that Disney has made these changes. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest Disney news. Keep checking back if you want to see all the menus from the Disney Dream Transatlantic cruise.

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