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We stayed in Secret Porthole (SPH) room 5022 and 5024 on our Northern European cruise on the Disney Magic. We have stayed in other Secret Porthole rooms 5520 and 6006. This was the first time we have staying in the connecting SPH rooms 5022 and 5024.

Like the other Secret Porthole rooms, we loved the location. The rooms are close to everything from Deck 5. Since it is a short run of cabins in the forward section of the ship there is not much noise from guests going by. We have however noticed noise from the crew door across the hall. It is not loud but opens and closes frequently overnight.

Secret Porthole Rooms Disney Magic Disney Wonder
Secret Porthole Rooms
Secret Porthole Rooms Disney Magic Disney Wonder
Secret Porthole Rooms

These SPH rooms were originally in the 9A category, but because the view from the porthole is obstructed by lifeboat canisters they were downgraded to a 10A. Recently they added rooms 6006 and 6506 to the 10A’s. Those rooms have a cleaning platform stored outside the window when the ship is at sea.

This room is the most obstructed of all the rooms. You can still see outside and get some sunlight but you are not going to get much of a view.

Check out our Stateroom 5024 walkthrough. Make sure you check our trip reports about our repositioning cruise from San Juan to New Orleans and our Westbound Transatlantic Cruise.

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