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Whether you are an expert or a first-timer, here are six Disney Cruise Line secrets to enhance your vacation.

Special Staterooms

All the Disney cruise ships have unique rooms that anyone can book. The Magic and the Wonder have eight Secret Porthole rooms. These rooms are 10A, inside rooms, but they all have an obstructed porthole. The room numbers are 5020, 502250245520, 5522, 5524, 6006, and 6506.

They also have four secret verandah rooms. The rooms have an obstructed balcony and are category 7A’s but are essentially category 5C and 5B cabins. The room numbers are 6134, 6634, 7120, and 7620.

Disney Fantasy and Dream have suite-style porthole rooms on decks five and six. They are in the 8A category rooms 5018, 5020, 5022, 5518, 5520, 5522, 6012, 6014, 6016, 6510, 6512, and 6514.

Disney Wish and Treasure also have some unique rooms. Some extra-sized porthole rooms are 7006, 7504, 8006, and 8504. The verandah cabins 6196 and 6696 are suite-style cabins with a separate primary bedroom. However, the verandah is tiny.

Disney Cruise Room Service All Hands on Deck Cheese Plate
Disney Cruise Room Service All Hands on Deck Cheese Plate

Room Sevice

Unlike many other cruise lines, room service is included in the cost of your cruise. You can hang up a door hanger at night to have a cold continental breakfast delivered to your room early the following day. You can also order from the 24-hour menu and have food delivered to your room. There are a few secret items that you won’t find on the menu. These include Mickey ice cream bars, cake of the day and milk and cookies. Remember to tip the person who delivers the food to your room. You can request the receipt and add the tip to your account if you don’t have cash.

Disney Fantasy Remy Pompidou Dessert with Wine Experience
Disney Fantasy Remy Pompidou Dessert with Wine Experience

The Sommelier Bin

Check out the Sommelier Bin on Disney’s bar menus to save money on wine while on your Disney Cruise. For just $10 per glass, you can choose from white, red, or sparkling wines. Your bartender will select a wine based on the available open bottles. It’s a great way to try a different and possibly expensive wine without spending too much. Bonus tip: all adults can bring two bottles of wine or a six-pack of beer on the cruise at embarkation and each port of call.

Specialty Coffee Drinks
Specialty Coffee Drinks

Cafe Fanatic Card

After you buy five, the Café Fanatic rewards give you a free coffee-based drink (we have used it with hot chocolate). When you order, ask your Crew Member barista at the Cove Café for a rewards card. In the past, you could bring your card from a previous cruise and continue to use it on your next cruise, but there have been reports that not every CM will allow it. We have never had trouble using an old card on the next cruise. 

Disney Cruise Line Café Fanatic
Disney Cruise Line Café Fanatic

Booking Onboard Activities

Booking onboard experiences can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned Disney cruiser. Ensure you know when your booking window opens; it depends on your Castaway Club Level. First-time cruiser’s booking date is 75 days before the cruise. Booking opens at 12:00 am EST. If you are using a computer, clear your cookies and be ready to log in at midnight. It is best to prioritize what you want to book. 

Remy's Champagne Brunch Mango and Lobster
Remy’s Champagne Brunch Mango and Lobster

I usually book adult dining first, then alcohol tasting, and then excursions. Prioritizing excursions for some itineraries, like Alaska and Europe, would be best. Don’t worry if you don’t get everything you want. Please keep checking back. You never know when someone will change their plans and something will open up. I have the most luck the week before the cruise when people start to firm up their plans. You can only make changes up to three days before the cruise and will be charged for anything you have booked. There is still hope when you embark on the cruise. Check at guest services, and they can help you.

Onboard Booking Offer booking a placeholder on the app
Onboard Booking Offer

Buy a Placeholder

You can save on your next Disney Cruise. Buy a placeholder to save 10% on your next Disney Cruise. You can get up to two placeholders to use on a future cruise. You can use the placeholder on a cruise that departs within two years from the date of purchase. If you are a first-time cruiser and forgot to get a placeholder, you may be eligible for the Castaway Club Welcome Offer.

You can save on your next Disney cruise, even without a placeholder. Disney regularly offers discounts for Florida residents, military personnel, and Canadians. Check out DCL’s restricted rates if you don’t fall into those groups. They are available to anyone, and you can get a great deal. Be aware that Disney will choose your room for you, and the rates are non-refundable. Sign up for our newsletter. We regularly publish the latest Disney Cruise discounts.

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