Changes to Check-in Dates for Castaway Club Members

Disney Cruise Pearl Castaway Club

Disney announced a new Castaway Club level, Pearl, and the benefits start today, May 1, 2023. Pearl members reported yesterday that their Castaway Club status changed on the Disney Cruise website.

Castaway Club Levels including Pearl
Castaway Club Levels, including Pearl

The new benefits include early booking and a photo package. Pearl cruisers are reporting a surprise benefit. They can check in for their cruise 40 days before the cruise instead of the 30-day check-in that began after cruising started back after Covid.

Castaway Club Levels including Pearl
Castaway Club Levels, including Pearl

It is not just Pearl castaway members who have reported a change to their check-in date. Platinum members can check in at 38 days, Gold at 35, and Silver at 33. New cruisers can check in at 30 days. Check-in opens a midnight ET. Make sure you check out our check-in guide to ensure you have all the documents you need to complete your check-in.

*Some cruisers report that they have not seen a change to their check-in date. I am cruising this summer, and my check-in date changed overnight.

Check in for Your Disney Cruise
Check-in for Your Disney Cruise

The earlier check-in dates allow Disney’s most loyal members to get an earlier Port Arrival Time (PAT) and get on the ship earlier. Concierge guests and guests taking Disney Transportation do not need to worry about a PAT.

Today is also the first of the 25th-anniversary cruises. The Disney Wish will be the first cruise to celebrate. Hopefully, the guests on the voyage have an uneventful sailing after the mechanical difficulties on the Wish this past weekend.

Check out the new Castaway Club gifts.

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