Check in for Your Disney Cruise

Updated January 25, 2024.

Online check-in is similar to pre-COVID sailing. You can begin using either the webpage or the app at 12:01 am Eastern Time. Your check-in date is based on your Castaway Club status.

  • Pearl – 40 days before sailing
  • Platinum – 38 days before sailing
  • Gold – 35 days before sailing
  • Silver – 33 days before sailing
  • First-Time Disney Cruisers – 30 days before sailing
Disney Cruise Check in Time 30 days before cruise
Disney Cruise Check-in Time 30 days before the cruise

What Do I Need to Check in for My Disney Cruise?

If you haven’t downloaded the app, now is the time to do it; you will use it for most things on board. The biggest recommendation is to gather all your documents and take all your pictures BEFORE you start completing the forms. Have any flight and hotel information handy.

Disney Cruise Check in Overview
Disney Cruise Check-in Overview
Disney Cruise Check in Guest Information
Disney Cruise Check-in Guest Information

Guest Information

You will need to provide personal details, including address, contact info & emergency contact. You will need to include a clear image of your passport or proof of citizenship.  Also, you will need a photo/selfie of each guest for your onboard account security photo. The photos must be an image file like a jpg or a png. If you are taking your photos with your iPhone, you will need to export your photos as jpg

You will need a picture of the photo page of your passport. If you’re using a driver’s license, you will need to have a photo of the front and the back of it.

Disney Cruise Check in Guest Information
Disney Cruise Check-in Guest Information
Disney Cruise Check in Passport and Photo Upload
Disney Cruise Check-in Passport and Photo Upload

If DCL doesn’t accept your passport/proof of citizenship or security photo, they will email you to inform you that a new one is required.

Security Photo Tips

This should be a recent colour photo of you facing forward, from the shoulders up, with no filters. Your face should be fully and clearly visible; please remove eyewear that prevents your eyes from being seen and any items on top of your head. There should be no other people or objects included in the photo. We took ours in front of an empty wall.

Disney Cruise Check in Pending Guest Information
Disney Cruise Check-in Pending Guest Information

It may take some time for your online check-in to change from pending to approved. Most are approved a few days before the sailing.

Disney cruise Check in Onboard Account
Disney cruise Check-in Onboard Account

Onboard Account

You will need information on how you plan to pay your stateroom charges. Your credit card or debit card numbers and expiration dates. At this point, it will ask you which members will have charging privileges. If members of your party are paying for their own charges, you can enter their card information. You can not put a dollar limit on charging privileges.

Disney Cruise Check in Payment information for Onboard Purchases
Disney Cruise Check-in Payment information for Onboard Purchases
Disney Cruise Check in Travelling with Children
Disney Cruise Check-in Travelling with Children

Travelling With Children

Children under 3 years old can be registered for the Nursery if they cruise after October 2022. If you are sailing before that date, you must sign up for the nursery once you are onboard. You can register kids ages 3-12 for the Oceaneers Club/Lab during check-in. Pre-teens and teens, they will register once you are onboard at the Edge and/or the Vibe.

Disney Cruise Check In Child Debarkation Form
Disney Cruise Check-In Child Debarkation Form
Disney Cruise Check in Travel Plans
Disney Cruise Check-in Travel Plans

Travel Plans

You will need information about your plans before & after the cruise. If you are flying in for the cruise, you need your flight details, including Airline, Flight Number, Departure Time, and Arrival Time. Also, you will need your plans to leave the port after the cruise.

Disney Cruise Check in Flight Information
Disney Cruise Check-in Flight Information
Disney Cruise Check in Port Arrival Time
Disney Cruise Check-in Port Arrival Time

PAT (Port Arrival Time)

This is why you are filling out this information at 12:01 am and not waiting until morning. It is your chance to choose your arrival time at the port.

Most people want to spend as much time on the ship as possible and are trying to get the earliest PAT. On our upcoming cruise, the earliest PAT was 10:45. We took Disney Transfers and received boarding group 3 with a PAT of 11:00 – 11:15. The earliest PATs depend on the port you are sailing out of; some ports have guests arrive later than others. Concierge Guests do not need to select a PAT.

Disney Cruise Check in Port Arrival Time With Disney Transfers
Disney Cruise Check-in Port Arrival Time With Disney Transfers

Since Covid, they have been much stricter about arriving at your PAT. If you arrive earlier, you will likely be turned away.

Disney Cruise Check in Cruise Contract
Disney Cruise Check-in Cruise Contract

Cruise Contract and Boarding Pass

Read & agree to the cruise contract and print or email the contract. You will be given a Boarding Pass with a QR Code when complete. You can add it to your Apple wallet.

You will need it throughout different stages of the boarding process. It is a good idea to have a printed copy if you encounter any technological problems. The QR code will be used to board the ship because you have not yet received your KTTW cards. Keep reading for details.

Disney Cruise Check-in DCL QR code for Wallet
Disney Cruise Check-in DCL QR code for Wallet

KTTW (Key to the World) Cards and lanyards will await you at your cabin in your Fish. You will no longer get your card at the desk in the port and use your QR code to board the ship.

Optional Forms

During check-in, you will also find some optional forms. They include authorization to administer an epi-pen, special services form, and authorization for minors travelling without a parent or legal guardian.

Disney Cruise Check-in Optional Forms
Disney Cruise Check-in Optional Forms

Bring your patience; the website can be glitchy, especially when check-in first opens, with many people attempting to check in. If you are using Disney transportation and are not concerned with an early PAT, it might be best to wait and check in later.

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