Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Crush Menu

Disney Cruise Animator's Palate

Our second night was at the Animator’s Palate. This meal has Crush from Nemo interact with guests. We were sitting beside one of the screens, and My husband got to chat with Crush.

From Disney “Immerse yourself in the underwater world of the Disney·Pixar film Finding Nemo. As you dine, enjoy a visit from some of your favourite Finding Nemo friends via spectacular digital animation and puppetry. You may even share the totally tubular turtle from the hit movie in a conversation with Crush!”

Specialty Cocktails

Blueberrilicious Tequila, fresh Blueberries, Passion Fruit Juice, Orange Flavour Liquor, and Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice

* Available at an additional fee

Great Reef Rum, Elderflower St. Germain, Watermelon Purée and fresh Lime Juice

*Available at an additional fee

Bora Shake Piña Colada, fresh Bananas and Blue Ocean (Non-Alcoholic)

*Available at an additional fee


Smoked Salmon Tartar With Dill, Capers, Onions, Pickles, and a Horseradish Cream

Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate Smoked Salmon Tartar
Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Smoked Salmon Tartar

Sliced Serrano Ham With Manchego Cheese and Olive Tapenade

Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate Sliced Serrano Ham
Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Sliced Serrano Ham

Black Truffle Pasta Purseittes Pasta Purses filled with Truffle-scented Cheese and coated with a delicate Champagne Sauce

Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate Black Truffle Pasta Purseittes
Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Black Truffle Pasta Purseittes

Tomato Tarte With Glazed Goat Cheese and Shaved Radish

Soups and Salads

Creamy Butternut Squash Soup Garnished with Chives and drizzled with Sour Cream

Baked Potato and Cheddar Cheese Soup With Bacon Bits and Chives

Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate Baked Potato and Cheddar Cheese Soup
Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Baked Potato and Cheddar Cheese Soup

Arugula Leaves With Red Beets, Orange Segments and Marinated White Beans with Mustard Dressing

Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate Arugula Leaves
Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Arugula Leaves

Chicken and Walnut Salad Dried Cranberries, Red Onions and a Cranberry Dressing

Bread Service

Garlic and Herb Foccacia With a Roasted Garlic Dip

Main Course

Pennete Bolognese Pennete Pasta mixed with a rich Bolognese Sauce garnished with shaved Parmesan Reggiano and Toasted Garlic Ciabatta

Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate Pennete Bolognese
Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Pennete Bolognese

Grilled Tuna SteakWith Fingerling Confit, Caponata, Sun-dried Tomato Pesto, and Aioli

Grilled Tuna Steak Animators Palate Disney Magic Transatlantic Cruise
Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Grilled Tuna Steak

Lemon-Thyme Marinated All Natural Chicken Breast On top of Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Root Vegetables and Grain Mustard Jus

Herb Crusted Pork Chop Roast Pork Chop brushed with Dijon Mustard and crusted with Herbed Breadcrumbs served with Sun-dried Tomato Risotto and a Barolo Wine Sauce

Ginger-Teriyaki dusted Angus Beef Tenderloin Served with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes, Bok Choy and a Tamarind-Barbecue Reduction

Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate Ginger-Teriyaki dusted Angus Beef Tenderloin
Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Ginger-Teriyaki dusted Angus Beef Tenderloin


Black Bean Chipotle Cakes Over Corn Kernels and Brown Rice topped with Tomato-Cilantro Salsa

Sesame Halloumi Parcels With Sweet Potato Tahini Mash and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Lighter Note

Jumbo Shrimp Salad Poached Tiger Shrimp tossed in Lemon Olive Oil, served on diced Cucumber, Egg and Red Onion and Garnished with Roquette Leaves

Grilled Grain-fed Sirloin Steak

Served with Garden Vegetables and your choice of Steamed White Rice or Baked Potato

Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate Grilled Grain-fed Sirloin Steak
Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Grilled Grain-fed Sirloin Steak

Slow-Roasted Breast of Chicken Served with Garden Vegetables and your choice of Steamed White Rice or Baked Potato

Oven-Baked Filet of Salmon Served with Garden Vegetables and your choice of Steamed White Rice or Baked Potato


Crunchy Walnut Cake Dark Chocolate Mousse and Raspberry Coulis

Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate Crunchy Walnut Cake
Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Crunchy Walnut Cake

Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake Creamy Vanilla Cheesecake with a Chocolate Fudge base

Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake
Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake

Cookies ‘n Cream Sundae Cookies & Cream Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Apple Crumble Rice Pudding With Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Signature Dessert

Lemon Icebox Pie Served with Lemon Curd and Berry Crème

No Sugar Added Desserts

Deconstructed Carrot Cake A classic Carrot Cake with a twist

Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate Deconstructed Carrot Cake
Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Deconstructed Carrot Cake

This was not one of my favourite meals. The food was not great. I have ordered the Tuna steak in the past, but I thought I would change things up and try the Tenderloin. While the flavour was good, I found the steak to be tough. The cheesecake had a rubbery texture and was not at all good. The one thing I did enjoy was the Black Truffle Pasta Purseittes. They were the best ones I had ever had, and I have had this appetizer on our previous cruises.

See the menu from our first night at the Royal Court, and don’t miss the Dessert experience at Remy where the desserts did not disappoint. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to see the rest of the menus from the Fantasy.

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