Disney Cruise Line Increases Prices for Alcohol Beverage Tastings Again

Disney Cruise Chocolate and Liquor tasting

Disney has raised the price of adult beverage tastings again, and the pricing of some classes has increased by 40% over the last month.

Last April, Disney hiked the prices for the tasting seminars. Some prices increased by 80% of their previous cost, including the popular Mixology class.

Before April 2022, you would have paid $25 for the MIxology seminar; after April 2022, the seminar increased to $45. It is the only class not to see a price increase this time.

Other beverage tastings are now double what they cost before April 2022. These include Cognac, Martini, Stem-to-Stern Wine, and Mojito & Caipirinha Tasting.

Disney Cruise Increases Alcohol Tasting Seminars
Disney Cruise Increases Alcohol Tasting Seminars

This latest increase happened quietly over the last couple of weeks. I booked a few classes at the beginning of May at the lower price and was surprised to see the price changes. If you booked at the lower price, you will pay the price it was when you booked.

Update. Some people report that their tastings booked before the increase has gone up. DCL representatives state that the prices are subject to change and that the lower price will not be honoured. Mine are showing at the same price as before the increase.

Price Increases Compared

Tasting SeminarOld Price2022 Price Increase2023 Price Increase
Beer Tasting$23$40$45
Bourbon Tasting$28$45$50
Champagne Tasting$38$50$70
Chocolate & Liquor Tasting$37$50$60
Cognac Tasting$28$50$60
Martini Tasting$25$45$50
Mixology Class$25$45$45
Mojito & Caipirinha Tasting$23$40$50
Rum Tasting$28$45$50
Stem-to-Stern Wine Tasting$25$45$50
Tequila & Margarita Tasting$23$40$45
Whiskey Tasting$28$45$50

Before this latest price increase, I was unsure about keeping our bookings for our tasting seminars. We have already taken both classes on our previous cruises. If I had to pay the current price, I would undoubtedly cancel. Since we will pay the lower cost for them, I may keep them; it will be the last time I will pay that much money to try drinks I may not enjoy.

Disney Cruise Increases Alcohol Tasting Seminars
Disney Cruise Increases Alcohol Tasting Seminars

Final Thoughts

Disney may be shooting themselves in the foot to save a few dollars. In the past, after attending one of the Beverage tasting seminars, I would order my favourites from the class for the rest of the voyage. There are drinks I might not have ever tried had it not been for the tasting seminar. 

The tasting seminars are a great way to try some drinks you wouldn’t normally drink. When they were at the lower price, you would be okay with getting a couple you didn’t enjoy. I discovered I was not fond of Tequila after the Tequila & Margarita Tasting. I didn’t mind finding that out for $23, but I am glad I didn’t spend $45 for that discovery. 

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