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For the last couple of weeks, Pearl Castaway Club members have been reporting that their Port Arrival Time has been removed, and they have been placed in the first boarding group. We now have official word from Disney Cruise Lines that this is the case for all Pearl members. This was a benefit for all platinum guests prior to the Covid-19 shutdown.

Pearl Castaway Club Members now have a new benefit associated with their Castaway Club status! Guests who are Pearl Castaway Club Members no longer need to select a Port Arrival Time for their sailing during the Online Check-In process. Instead, they will automatically be placed in the first boarding group for their cruise.

Check in for Your Disney Cruise
Check in for Your Disney Cruise

Please note, all other Guests will still need to follow the current process of selecting their Port Arrival Time during their Online Check-In window.

As a reminder, the Online Check-In windows are as follows:

  • 40 Days Prior: Pearl Castaway Members/Concierge, Weddings/Vow Renewal, VIP, Media, and Make-a-Wish Guests
  • 38 Days Prior: Platinum Castaway Club Members
  • 35 Days Prior: Gold Castaway Club Members
  • 33 Days Prior: Silver Castaway Club Members
  • 30 Days Prior: All Guests

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