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Everyone is asking right now when Disney Cruise lines will release the Summer 2024 itineraries, and it feels like it gets later and later each year. Last year the 2023 itineraries were released on April 27, 2022, and the 2022 itineraries were released on March 18, 2021.


It looks like the itineraries will be released today March 23, 2023, with booking to begin on March 17, 2023.

Update March 16, 2023: We may see the itineraries released this week after all. Disney Cruise Line’s Facebook posted the video above. Someone on Facebook worked out the coordinates listed above, they are not in order, and they match Vigo, Spain; A Coruna, Spain; Bruges, Belgium; La Rochelle, France; and Bilbao, Spain.

I hope we will see the itineraries released sometime this week, similar to the 2022 itineraries. We may see them tomorrow, March 16. At the Disney Cruise Line Blog, Scott tweeted earlier this week that he will “need to deal with the summer itinerary announcement.”

Summer 2024 Itinerary Release
Summer 2024 Itineraries

Pearl Castaway Club Level

Last month, Disney announced information about the newest Castaway Club level, Pearl. Pearl will begin on May 1, 2023. Disney may be waiting until the last week of April, as they did last year, so Pearl members can use their new benefits and book the first day before platinum members. May 1 is also a Monday, the usual first available day for Castaway members to book new itineraries. The Disney Treasure will begin sailing in 2024. Perhaps May 1 was chosen to be the first booking day for the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Treasure.

D23 DisneyTreasure
D23 DisneyTreasure

The Summer 2024 Itineraries

What can we expect to see from the summer itineraries for 2024? It is a safe bet that we will continue to see the Disney Wish sail out of Port Canaveral on three and four-day Bahamian cruises. Disney Dream is expected to head to Europe again, leaving on May 5 on the Eastbound Transatlantic cruise. The Disney Wonder will head to Alaska again after spending much of the winter visiting Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and Hawaii. Disney Magic will probably continue to sail out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean. 

Disney Cruise Lines Lighthouse Point Activities
Disney Cruise Lines Lighthouse Point Activities

The big question about the summer 2024 itineraries is when will the Disney Treasure arrive and where the Fantasy will sail from. I believe the Fantasy will move to Fort Lauderdale and sail to the Caribbean. Could we see a ship sailing out of New York? Update the Disney Treasure is unlikely to begin sailing until the Fall or Winter.

The other exciting unknown is which ships will sail to Lighthouse Point. Disney announced last week that Lighthouse Point would open next summer. It is a new private island like Castaway Cay. Lighthouse Point boasts a family beach, an adult beach, and a splash pad for kids. With twenty-six new Cabanas, six on the adult beach and twenty on the family beach, it will be a popular destination next year. Disney has not released which ships will be visiting the new Island, and I expect the Disney Treasure will include it on its itineraries. 

Looking beyond Summer 2024 itineraries

If you missed your chance to book one of the Australia, New ZealandSouth Pacific and Hawaii cruises for 2023/2024, you will get a second chance. The Disney Wonder is heading back to Australia in October 2024 and returning to North America in February 2025. It appears at the Port of Brisbane. As well as Brisbane, the Wonder appears in Melbourne and Sydney.

Disney Wonder Port of Brisbane October 2024
Disney Wonder Port of Brisbane October 2024

Hopefully, we only have a little longer to wait until the summer 2024 release date. I don’t expect we will see the Treasure included in the release. It will likely have a separate release like the Disney Wish had. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when the dates or released.

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