Disney Cruise Gratuities

Disney Cruise line has quietly increased daily recommended tips. Until recently the daily recommended gratuity was $13.50 It has increased by $1 per person per night to $14.50.

Disney Magic
Disney Magic

This gratuity is to be paid by all passengers including infants and children. It is given to the Crew Members who serve you daily in the rotational dining restaurants and your stateroom:

  • Dining room server
  • Dining room assistant server
  • Dining room head server
  • Stateroom host

For guests staying in a concierge room or suite recommended gratuity is $15.50 this includes the gratuity for the Stateroom Assistant.

Disney has also included a recommended gratuity for “the Concierge Lounge Team—Guests staying in Concierge accommodations are recommended a gratuity amount of $8.00 per night, per stateroom Guest.”

I am glad that Disney has given guests some guidance when tipping the Concierge team. when this question gets asked on social media the amounts people say they tipped vary greatly. Some stated they didn’t tip at all and others said they tipped hundreds of dollars per night. Stating $8 per person per night gives guests a better idea about what is expected and makes it easier to plan and budget.

Personally, I think that this increase is long overdue. The cast members on the Disney ships work extremely hard and really do make your vacation magical. We usually add extra to our recommended gratuity because they work so hard.

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