Star Wars Hyperspace lounge

Gather your crew and prepare to transport them to the legendary destinations of the Republic, Empire and First Order. 

Inspired by lavish starcruisers like Dryden’s Vos’ ship in Solo: A Star Wars Story, the Hyperspace Lounge offers a richly themed, immersive experience for adults every evening—with interactive tasting experiences and signature cocktails inspired by the Star Wars saga. 

Hyperspace Lounge
Hyperspace Lounge

While relaxing over refreshing galactic concoctions, experience hyperspace jumps to several planets in the Star Wars universe to take in the epic views—ranging from serene vistas to action-packed encounters. 

The spectacles are seen through the viewport—a widescreen “window” to the stars—also features iconic spaceships and fan-favourite locales such as Tatooine and Coruscant from the original Star Wars trilogy. Surround-sound audio and holographic models of nearby ships further enhance this otherworldly experience.

Camtono case
Camtono case

The Hyperspace Lounge is garnering attention because of its $5000 Kaiburr Crystal drink. There is some mystery surrounding this drink including what is in it how it is served and the possibility if you order it you may be visited by stormtroopers. *Update mystery solved.

Hyperspace Lounge
Hyperspace Lounge


Batuu | Spire Sunset Grown on the sides of the planet’s petrified spires. Saigon Bagur, Kumquat, Lychee, Coconut.$15.00

Mustafar | Berken’s Flow From the largest lavafall of the galaxy. SelvaRey Coconut, Rumchata, Godiva Chocolate, Coconut Water. $16,00

Coruscant | The Chancellor Enjoyed by the senate elite members. Hennessy James, Calvados Menorval 1972. $20.00

Moons of Endor | The Golden One A mix of herbs and berries from the Forest Moon surface. Belvedere Blackberry & Lemongrass, Amaretto Velvet. $15.00

Tatooine | Freetown Reserve Made of Bantha hides mashed with fermented grains. Woodford Reserve Double Oaked.$20.00

Asteroid Belt | Pickled Mynock Proudly servin’ to any partygoer eager to fuel up. Código 1530 Artesenal Mezcal, Cointreau BloodmOrange, Baileys Salted Caramel. $16,00

Hyperspace Lounge Glass Add a Hyperspace Lounge Glass with the purchase of any cocktail, $12.00

Hyperspace Lounge
Hyperspace Lounge


Hyperfuel Coaxium Trio $250.00

Zero Proof (Non-Alcoholic)

Cloud City Oat Milk, Blue Raspberry, Galaxy Ice Cream $7.00

Cloud City with Porg souvenir glass Oat Milk, Blue Raspberry, Galaxy Ice Cream $24.00

Temple Twist Apple, Mint, Pineapple, Ginger Beer, Kiwi $7.00

Temple Twist with Porg souvenir glass Apple, Mint, Pineapple, Ginger Beer, Kiwi

Kaiburr Crystal

Kaiburr Crystal The galaxy’s rarest and valuable cocktail $5000.00


George Lucas’ visionary brilliance transitions seamlessly from screen to a vineyard panoramic where he has assembled the ultimate cast; including world-class winemakers, wineries in California and Italy which are ripe with potential, and an architectural vernacular that ties everything together in an unrivalled wine experience.

Wines – Italy

Viandante Del Cielo – “Lungolago” $20 per glass

Viandante Del Cielo – “Wiandante” $33 per glass 

Viandante Del Cielo – “Pristinvm” $27 per glass

Wines – France

Bastide de Margui, 1784 Rosé $20 per glass

Bastide de Margui, 1784 Vin Blanc $27 per glass

Bastide de Margui, 1984 Vin Rouge $33 per glass

Wines – France

Skywalker Pino Noir Rosé $14.50 per glass

Skywalker Chardonnay $18 per glass

Skywalker Pinot Noir $31 per glass

Skywalker Sparkling $50 per glass

Hyperspace Lounge
Hyperspace Lounge

The Flight of Skywalker

An intergalactic tour through the flavours of the Skywalker Vineyards in Marin County. Rose, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sparkling. $50

Galaxy Brews

Batuuan Harvest Brew $10 A popular drink enjoyed by local Batuuan and travellers during the annual Batuuan Harvest Festival, the Harvest Festival. The Harvest Brew celebrates the beautiful bounty that the planet enjoys every harvest season.

Mustafarian Black Ale $10 Inspired by this volcanic world, the Mustafarian Black Ale captures the dark history and legends that took place on the planet, which was also the site of Darth Vader’s personal sanctum.

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